Most Translated Texts | #ALLTRADISt9nDay 8

Most Translated Texts | #ALLTRADISt9nDay 8

September 30 of each year is International Translation Day. This year, we are celebrating International Translation Day with ten themes highlighting this industry. Some will be funny, others heartwarming— we hope to generate discussion about a field focused on being undetectable, and interest even non-translators and interpreters to join the conversation. You can follow our updates on Twitter @ALLTRADIS or follow our discussion by following #ALLTRADISt9nDay.

Looking at the most translated text is an interesting way of seeing the world we live in. Translating takes time, money, and effort, so having a piece of text thoroughly translated in multiple languages implies that it is highly valued by a community of people.

Take a look the most translated texts of all time. It is nearly impossible to obtain an up-to-date list with exact number of languages. However, these are five of the most mentioned documents:

bibleThe Bible

The holy text for the Christian community is said to have been written in three different ancient languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. It is now translated into inconceivable number of languages, and in multitudes of versions and editions of some of the most popular languages. In 2012, the most popular English version was the New Living Translation.


Listen to God and Live Forever, What Does the Bible Really Teach, the Watchtower (244) –Jehovah’s Witness

A series of texts written and published for and by the Jehovah’s Witness is among the most translated works of all time. These religious documents consist of texts and artwork used for evangelism, advertisements, preaching, and education.

udhrUniversal Declaration of Human Rights – United Nations Commission on Human Rights

The Declaration was originally written in English, French and Spanish in 1948, now available in over 438 languages. The document, which took two years to draft, was written by the Human Rights Commission, chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt. The Commission consisted of 18 members of various nationalities and political backgrounds.


The Pilgrim’s Progress –John Bunyan

John Bunyan’s 1678 work is considered to be one of the most important and influential religious texts written in English. Although it is a Christian allegory, it speaks to both Christians and non-Christians alike. It accommodates children’s need for excitement and action, but also caters to adults with complicated themes and thought-provoking ideas. It is also a popular pick amongst missionaries, which explains why it has been rendered into so many languages.

Pinocchio –Carlo Collodipinocchio

The most translated non-religious book of all times is this tale of a wooden puppet. Originally written in Italian by Carlo Collodi, it has been translated into more than 240 languages. The story has since been adapted into films, plays, and musicals.



Other books in the top 20 included some French favourites, such as “The Adventures of Asterix,” “20000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and of course, “The Little Prince and modern additions like the Harry Potter series.

How many of these books or documents have you read? And in what languages?


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