Interview de Solange H., interprète de conférence et directrice du CETIM Toulouse 5

When Google translation makes you giggle…

Hi there,

We said we wanted to discuss machine translation again, and here it is! We won’t go into the philosophy or big theories this time – we just want to provide you with a few laughs (which everyone appreciates once in a while!). We want to make you aware of the risks that some translations carry in terms of their impact on a given culture and people, not to mention the unintended results. Entrusting machine translation software or inexperienced translators with communicating your message could not only cause unintended laughs, but could also destroy your brand’s international image in a matter of seconds! Investing in a solid communications strategy would prevent all this.

At Alltradis, we are all translation professionals and would be happy to guide you in developing your brand internationally. Our documents are checked and re-read before being printed, and you give us the go-ahead to send your final proof for printing! With Alltradis, there are no surprises: quality and customer service is our priority!


Qui sommes-nous? 

Agence de traduction AlltradisL’agence de traduction Alltradis est aujourd’hui incontournable sur le marché de la traduction et de l’interprétation de conférence.

Notre expérience, acquise depuis quasiment 20 ans à travers la traduction écrite de plus de 19.000 projets multilingues et la traduction simultanée des plus grands congrès mondiaux, nous confère aujourd’hui un statut de référence qualité dans plusieurs domaines (traduction médicale/pharmaceutique, traduction cosmétique/luxe/mode, traduction technique, traduction juridique,  traduction marketing/finance/RH, etc).

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