Traduction : découvrez notre process qualité !

Traduction : découvrez notre process qualité !

Alltradis provides companies with high-quality translations, guarantees top confidentiality and always keeps deadlines. Here is a step by step infographic showing our quality translation process!






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I’m a French text that needs an English makeover. Have you ever wondered what process documents go through. I need a team to ensure I’m perfect in English, as I am in French. Let me take you on a translation journey:

Step 1: Contact the agency

My people call their people. My company will contact Alltradis regarding my translation. They’ll discuss languages, document type, and length.

Step 2: Transcribe

Once I’m sent to the agency, I get prepped for my makeover. I get copy-pasted and organized into another document, which gives the translator an easier canvas to work from.

Step 3: Research

Determine the look: When I’ve been prepared for translation, I am sent to one of Alltradis’ many qualified translators. She’ll study me for my voice, tone, and message. She’ll also do a little research, like referencing to work we’ve done together in the past, or checking my company website to see what the company’s voice is like.

4-translateStep 4: Translate

Then, she finally gets to work! She translates me top to toe, frequently referencing to previous parts to ensure I am consistent throughout. She also makes sure that I make sense culturally and syntactically. For many agencies, this is where their service stops.


Step 5: Proofread #1, edit

Get a second look: At Alltradis, I go through multiple edits before I ever get back to my sender. In the first round, an editor, a different person from the translator, takes me with a fine comb brush. He makes sure I am grammatically, orthographically, syntactically perfect. He makes sure I am consistent throughout. He’ll make some suggestions and ask for clarifications.

Step 6: Proofread #2, edit

Then, I’ll go through a second proofread. This can be with the same editor or with a different one. This time, they’re making sure that I read well in English as well as I do in French. They’ll massage my words and phrasing to make my sentences flow better. The goal here is to make it seem like I had always been written in English. Thoughtful rewrites will be done, and I’ll be bounced around between the editor and the translator. But ultimately, my words will flow so naturally that reads would never guess I was a translated document!

7- prof proofreadStep 7: Optional professional proofread

This is an optional editing phase. If a text is exceptionally technical, I’ll go through a third edit, to ensure that the vocabulary and phrases used in the translation is the ones professionals in the readers’ language use. They’re not looking for fluidity or eloquence—they’re for technical accuracy.

Step 8: Presentation

Now that my makeover is done, I’m sent back to my company. My words can grace presentations, marketing tools, and websites. The best part? Nobody will ever know that I was written in a completely different language!


Who are we?

Agence de traduction AlltradisAlltradis is today a key player in translation and conference interpreting.

Since its creation in 1995, Alltradis has translated over 19,000 written projects in various language combinations, organized simultaneous interpreting for the largest international conferences and gathered a long list of loyal clients. Alltradis has truly become a fundamental part of their success. We specialize in diverse industries such as; medical/pharmaceutical translation, cosmetic/luxury product translation, technical and industrial translation, marketing/finance/HR translation, legal translation, etc.

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