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Language of the Week: Arabic

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Starting from today, we will be introducing a new language to you every week as a part of our new Language of the Week Series.

This week, we will be highlighting Arabic!

I have to admit, I first took an interest in Arabic due to my love of kebabs and falafel. However, today, I am very proud to say that I can now introduce myself fluently in Arabic (Ma-ha-le-bar, ana-e-s-mi Yuejia: Hello, my name is Yuejia 🙂 )

A little introduction on Arabic, it is one of the oldest languages in the world. It has been used for the past 2000 years and is one of the top 10 most widely spoken languages in the world; in fact, it is spoken by over 250 million people in the Middle East and North Africa.

Arabic is divided into two versions:

  1. Colloquial Arabic (dialects): mostly spoken in everyday life
  2. Modern Standard Arabic is the official written form of the language and the only the only way for you to learn Arabic in an academic environment. It is therefore used in written context in newspapers and books such as the Quran.

The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters and words are written from right to left.

If you are interested in learning Arabic, here’s a few phrases to get you started!

Do you speak English?هل تتكلم بالإنجليزية؟[hal tatakallam al ingliziya?]
Please  من فضلك[min fadlak]
Thank youشكرا[shukran]


If you would like to request a language for us to highlight, don’t hesitate, we welcome you’re suggestions!

سلام (salaam : bye!)


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