50 Nuances de Grey: une traduction marathon 5

Language of the Week: Italian

Land of homemade pizzas, pasta and gelato, Italy has always been one of the top tourist destinations in the world, so it would definitely benefit you to learn a bit about the language before packing your suitcase.

There are about 65 million native Italian speakers in the world, but it is also a language of diaspora in Brazil, Argentina and the United States. Italian has had a big influence on many different fields throughout history, namely in music, art and food.

Trying to pronounce Italian words and of course trying to imitate the oh so beloved authentic accents of the heartwarming Italian grandmas and well built Italian men seen on television has always been a source of fun and laughter for my family.

So here are a Italian phrases I hope you have fun pronouncing 🙂

Italian PhraseLiteral MeaningMethaphorical Meaning
Buono come il pane!As good as breadAs good as gold
Ad ogni morte di PapaEvery time a Pope diesOnce in a blue moon
Hai voluto la bicicletta? Allora, pedala!You wanted a bike? Now pedalYou made your bed, now you must lie on it
Peli Sulla LinguaHe doesn’t have hairs on his tongueHe tells the truth without any flattery or exageration


And of course, I wouldn’t leave you without a few jokes. Italians often like to joke about politics, the police force, sketchy business practices and local bureaucracy.

Un imprenditore ad un altro:
– Come mai i tuoi impiegati arrivano sempre così puntuali?
– Facile, trenta impiegati e solo venti posti auto!

A company boss is talking to another:
– How come your employees always arrive on time?
– Easy, there are 30 employees and only 20 parking spaces!

Due impiegati comunali si incontrano per strada:
– Ciao Mario! Posso offrirti un caffè?
– No, grazie! Il caffè non mi fa dormire.
– Ma come? Sono le otto di mattina!!!
– Appunto… Sto andando in ufficio…

Two civil servants meet on the street:
– Hi Mario! Can I get you a coffee?
– No thanks! I can’t sleep if I drink coffee.
– But it’s only 8 in the morning!!!
– Exactly… I’m on my way to the office…

Being home to many philosophers, such as Leonardo da Vinci, today I leave you with a quote from the great philosopher, “learning never exhausts the mind”.



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