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Famous Translators/Interpreters | #ALLTRADISt9nDay 5

September 30 of each year is International Translation Day. This year, we are celebrating International Translation Day with ten themes highlighting this industry. Some will be funny, others heartwarming— we hope to generate discussion about a field focused on being undetectable, and interest even non-translators and interpreters to join the conversation. You can follow our updates on Twitter @ALLTRADIS or follow our discussion by following #ALLTRADISt9nDay.

Thupten Jinpa
the Dalai Lama’s English interpreter

Dalai Lama Visits Seattle To Start US TourEven the most interpreters at European Parliaments admitted that the Dalai Lama is one of the toughest speakers to interpret, due to the subtlety and different nuances words carry. Thupten Jinpa has been the Dalai Lama’s principal English translator since 1985. He has had a long history with the Dalai Lama, even before Jinpa’s accidental beginning to interpretation/translation work. Jinpa is a Montreal-resident, Mcgill-educator, philosopher, author, and former monk. To hear more about Jinpa’s experience and view on interpretation, listen to this interview.

Interview: .


Amber Galloway-Gallego
Kendrick Lamar’s sign language interpreter at Lollapalooza 2013

Amber G-GGalloway-Gallego is a professional music to American Sign Language interpreter. She is best-known for her very enthusiastic and hilarious interpretation of rapper Kendrick Lamar’s show at Lollapalooza music festival in 2013. Her fame shed light to a growing community deaf concert-goers around the world. She explains her process, which steers clear of word-for-word interpretation, but adds the emotional, or sass, or the general je ne sais quoi element into music interpretation. You can watch an interview of her explaining her craft and process, and also watch her Youtube channel, where she interprets Kendrick Lamar and other songs.

Her Youtube channel:

Jack Jason
Marlee Matlin’s sign language interpreter

Jack JasonPossibly the most popular or recognized interpreter of all is actress Marlee Matlin’s voice, Jack Jason. Jason has been Matlin’s sign language interpreter for more than 25 years, and has been by her side on the set of the West Wing and Celebrity Apprentice. Jason animated enthusiasm and quick pace adds another dimension of personality to Marlee Matlin. You can read about his interview here:



Valentin Berezhkov
Joseph Stalin’s German and English interpreter

Conversations informal meeting in the studyBerezhkov was educated as an engineer, but had picked up English and German from his parents. He was recruited while working in the navy, when during a peace pact talk between Soviet Union and Germany made in 1939, the Berlin embassy was short of interpreters. Without formal training and experience, Berezhkov was thrown into his diplomatic career, attending meetings with history makers like Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, and being privy to highly valuable, top secret information. Even after the war, Berezhkov led an interesting international life.

You can read more about his life on his obituary:


Edith Grossman and Gregory Rabassa
Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s translators

Greg Rabassa Edith GrossmanGarcia Marquez was never hesitant to give his translators the credit they deserve. He once gave the greatest compliment to the “One Hundred Years of Solitude” translator, George Rabassa, claiming he preferred the translated work to his own. He is also quoted many times giving high praise to “Love in the Time of Cholera” and “Strange Pilgrims” translator, Edith Grossman. It is safe to say that Garcia Marquez’s fame and popularity in the Anglophone world owes thanks to Grossman and Rabassa.







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