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5 Hilarious Translation Fails | #ALLTRADISt9nDay 3

September 30 of each year is International Translation Day. This year, we are celebrating International Translation Day with ten themes highlighting this industry. Some will be funny, others heartwarming— we hope to generate discussion about a field focused on being undetectable, and interest even non-translators and interpreters to join the conversation. You can follow our updates on Twitter @ALLTRADIS or follow our discussion by following #ALLTRADISt9nDay.

Be it a questionable item on the menu or an incomprehensible instruction, we’ve all seen terrible translation. We’ve compiled a list that made us giggle:

grass fartfull humanlives smallpox buy2

Uh, nice try. If this list isn’t a good enough reason to convince you on investing on excellent (or at the very least, decent) translation, we aren’t sure know what is. In case of a very wordy version of “Buy one get one free” or the promotion with the human lives, they technically make sense, but no human translator would ever submit that kind of work. As well, something like “fartfull” and the dreaming tiny grass are cute, harmless mistakes. However, translation can have grave consequences.

What is your favourite from the list above?


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