Language of the Week: Portuguese

Language of the Week: Portuguese

Portuguese is the official language in Portugal and Brazil of course, but did you know that it is also the official language of Macau?

Its alphabet is pretty straight forward, with a few added new accents:

There are two official standards for written Portuguese, European and Brazilian and 10 different dialects spoken in Europe.

As always, here are a few simple phrases you can try out:

Oi!/ Olá!Hi!
Bom dia!Good morning!
Bem-vindo (for man)/ bem-vinda! (female)Welcome
Como vai você?How are you?
(Muito) obrigado (men)/ (Muito) obrigada! (female)Thank you (very much)
Estou perdido/ perdida (female)I’m lost


While doing some research, I came upon what seems to be the most famous tongue twister in Portuguese:  O rato roeu a roupa do rei de Roma
In English it means: The rat gnawed the king of Rome’s clothes

As I tried to pronounce it to test its difficulty, I didn’t find it too hard to pronounce, however I’m not sure just how much of the sentence I pronounced right  😛

Now here comes the big question, what do Portuguese speakers like to joke about? Well I’ve been told its Mother in Laws, blondes; lawyers and, corrupt politicians. Here are a few jokes:

PORTUGUESE: A sogra chega para uma visita surpresa. O genro abre a porta:
“Olà! Não nos vemos há tanto tempo! Quanto vais ficar conosco desta vez?”
A sogra sorri, querendo ser gentil:
“Até vocês se cansarem de mim.”
“A sério? Não vais nem tomar um cafezinho?”
ENGLISH: The mother-in-law comes for a surprise visit. The son-in-law opens the door:
“Hi! Long time no see! How long are you staying this time?”
The mother-in-law smiles, trying to be polite:
“Until you get tired of me.”
“Really? You’re not even staying for a coffee?”

Joãozinho, Little John, is the most mentioned character in Portuguese jokes:
PORTUGUESE: Tia Lídia pergunta ao Joãozinho:
“O que vais fazer quando for grande como a titia?”
O Joãozinho responde:
“Um regime!”
ENGLISH: Aunt Lidia asks Joãozinho:
“What are you going to do when you are big like Aunty?”
“Go on a diet!” he replies

I hope you enjoyed!



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