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In 2011, Google unveiled its Google Glass, augmented reality glasses with multiple applications and features, voted invention of the year by Time magazine. What was announced as a revolutionary product turned out to be a commercial dud with the general public: too expensive, too extravagant, not adopted widely enough, probably too far ahead of their time, they did not find their target and Google quickly withdrew them from the market. 

Smart glasses capable of displaying translation in real time

A little more than ten years later, the internet giant is coming back with a version 2.0 teased on May 11, 2022 during its annual Google I/O conference. The video demonstration focuses on a very specific goal: breaking the language barrier thanks to simultaneous translation technology in the form of subtitles displayed discreetly and in real time on the glasses. A much more accomplished, inclusive and accessible version. First good point: they look like regular glasses and don’t stand out so much, unlike the first version which was particularly recognizable, attracted (sometimes negative, even aggressive) attention and reactions.

Far from the futuristic applications of other virtual reality projects, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, is focusing on a practical feature that can be applied to the real world, aimed at fostering communication and connection. A product with great potential in terms of inclusivity and accessibility, especially for the deaf and hard of hearing, thanks to a technology capable of reading and translating sign language. What is more fundamental than understanding and being understood?

Live subtitling: new digital revolution or future fiasco?

As no launch date has been announced for what is currently only a prototype, we will certainly have to wait a few years before we can get our hands on the finished product. According to some predictions, this type of technology could completely replace smartphones within a few years. Another commercial dud or “killer app” that we will soon be unable to live without? Time will tell.

Of course, these products are based on machine translation and machine learning, technologies that, despite spectacular progress in recent years, are not always so reliable. Until Artificial Intelligence surpasses human intelligence, Alltradis has you covered for all your written or oral translations. We have even developed a simultaneous translation solution to meet all your needs, and don’t worry, no need for the latest Google glasses, a simple smartphone and headphones will do to allow your foreign collaborators to follow along with your meetings! Our translators and interpreters are not robots… even better (at least for now), they are professionals, specialists in their fields and have many years of human experience!

interpretation de conference

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